ECOCHLOR-003 device, 2012 г.

ECOCHLOR device is a compact, cost-efficient, high-efficiency module to produce chlorine and sodium hydrate solution at place of use. ECOCHLOR-003 is a modular device 60×60×180 cm with capacity of 3 kg/h of gaseous chlorine and power consumption of 9.0 – 9.6 kWt-h. Modern types of Bakhir Modules MB-1600 of 1600 g/h capacity are used in ECOCHLOR-003. The devices of this type help to create safe, energy-saving and eco friendly plants for production of chlorine and sodium hydrate.

ECOCHLOR device is compact, nonpolluting, highly productive system for creation of industrial production of chlorine and hydrate of sodium at place of its use. ECOCHLOR device is developed on basis of earlier developed AQUACHLOR devices and has about the same overall dimensions (50 × 50 × 200 sm) at increased six times (to 3 kg/h) productivity of chlorine. Power consumption of the device is no more than 7 kWt-h.


Total replacement of chlorine plants to ecologically clean manufactures at places of use of chlorine and hydrate of sodium, that allows to exclude system and appropriate equipment for chlorine dehydration, transportation and storage as well as special safety systems under chlorine usage.


  • conversion level of initial solution of sodium chloride is 99,5%;
  • it is not required complex technology of initial brine solution treatment, reagents for removing of scale off electrode chambers (hydrochloric acid solution) are produced at places;
  • it is not required license of GOSGORTECHNADZOR organization;
  • chlorine yield from 1 square meter of area occupied by ALL the equipment of module work is 6,0 kilograms per hour of chlorine or 144 kilograms per day of chlorine;
  • specific energy consumption for synthesis of 1 kg of chlorine is 3,0 – 3,2 kilowatt-hour;
  • it is not required making new special buildings. All the equipment is placed in dry airing manufacturing facilities with electric power lines, water supply, initial brine solution supply lines and sewerage system;
  • every module at factory (ECOCHLOR device) is completely autonomous and can be replaced in case of need in at any moment without stopping of the whole manufacture.



Chlorine production rate, kg/h


Sodium hydroxide production rate, kg/h


Potassium hydroxide production rate, kg/h


Chlorine current output, %

98 - 99

DC power consumption for chlorine production, kW×h/t


DC power consumption for sodium hydrate production, kW×h/t


DC power consumption for potassium hydrate production, kW×h/t


Sodium hydroxide concentration in catholyte, g/l


Potassium hydrate concentration in catholyte, g/l


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