ENDOSTERIL device of the previous generation
for disinfection of endoscopes with ECA solutions

ENDOSTERIL device is designed for cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of flexible endoscopes. The use of ENDOSTERIL device is a guarantee of high level of disinfection and excellent quality of cleaning completely excluding risk of infection of patients and medical staff.

The device for endoscope cleaning and disinfection with ECA solutions has the following advantages over conventional disinfectants and cleaning agents for endoscopes:

  • high degree of reactive capacity of ECA solutions ensures complete bacterial cleanliness  in a short period and absence of traces of ballast or active substances on the endoscope;
  • unique technological solutions  permit to generate disinfecting solutions with high cleaning capacity considerably reducing time of endoscope cleaning;
  • ECA solutions extractive capacity enables more complete removal of organic compounds for the same time as compared to conventional disinfectants;
  • with the possibility to generate high-efficiency disinfectants and cleaning agents on-site there is no need to store large volumes of expensive cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing agents;
  • active compounds of ECA solutions destroy infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses or fungi, and leave far behind well-known disinfectants such as glutaric aldehyde,  peracetic acid, sodium hypochlorite, etc.;
  • zero toxicity of ECA solutions and active compounds similar to that developed by the human body during phagocytosis ensure complete absence of toxic effect on patients and medical staff;
  • low mineralization of ECA solutions completely excludes corrosive action and damaging effect on various materials of endoscope;
  • low mineralization of ECA solutions eliminates the need to rinse endoscopes after disinfection;
  • ECA solutions remain non toxic and eco friendly both before and after endoscope cleaning and do not require neutralization before discharge to sewer.

ENDOSTERIL device of previous generation consists of light compact mobile platform with a unit on it generating activated anolyte ANK, a tub for placement of endoscope and other assemblies and  attachments. The device dimensions are 1050х1000х500 mm and weight is not over 35 kg. The device is automated, reliable, easy to operate, programmable, and capable of synthesizing solutions with high-stable parameters. The device features high dynamic characteristics, with 1 minute response time after switching on.

Intensive development of ECA technology ensures development of all applied areas. In the nearest future new high-efficiency electrochemical devices will be created in medicine and healthcare.

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