IZUMRUD devices:

Serial devices IZUMRUD-REDOX for home to get small volume of water (productivity is 40-60 l/h).

IZUMRUD-REDOX devices are used for health-giving drinking water production with antioxidant properties at home from usual tap water. IZUMRUD devices clean drinking water from all pathogenic microorganisms and its toxins, heavy metal ions and harmful organic compounds. Everyday drinking of antioxidant water in usual daily food allowance has salutary effect on organism.

In EMERALD water treatment devices main technological processes are oxidative-reductive reactions at inert electrodes (exchange with treated water just for electrons). Physical and chemical reactions in EMERALD devices are quite similar to reactions of water treatment in nature and to phagocytosis reactions of microbes destruction in organism.

Household EMERALD devices are used for water posttreatment of centralized waterwork with productivity of 40-60 l/h and serially produced by company “Delfin Aqua” ltd. Specific electric power for water treatment in household devices does not exceed 1 Wt/l.

Placing in a kitchen cabinet Placing under a sink Placing above a sink

Devices by request to get big volume of water (productivity is more than 100 l/h) for water treatment in cottages

IZUMRUD devices for cottages and for use in emergency regions have productivity from 300 to 500 l/h at specific electric power over 4 Wt/l and provide high quality water treatment of surface and underground water including treatment off excess of iron and manganese.

IZUMRUD for emergency cases, 300 l/h IZUMRUD at frontier post, 400 l/h EMERALD device for mobile body of troops, 350 l/h EMERALD device and auxiliary systems in lorry body

Devices by request to get big volume of water (more than 500 l/h) for bottling at food industry plants

Industrial Izumrud devices for water bottling are developed and produced taking into account individual requirements of customer.

Devices by request to get big volumes (more than 500 l/h) of water with pronounced properties for its usage in technological cycles at food industry plants. *

* run by the Institute as R&D.

Technology of production of pure disinfected water with pronounced functional properties, realized by IZUMRUD devices, can be efficiently used in various technologies both of soft and strong drinks industry and food industry.

Unique experience during ten years of successful work of Institute’s staff, know-how and knowledge in applied fields allow efficiently use closed technologies and developed new technologies according customers requirements. Using of our technologies with different ECA solutions allows to get new products or improve characteristics of present products that leads to competitive advantages.

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