Advantages of anolyte ANK generated by STEL devices

STEL devices advantage over any other electrochemical device is the possibility to generate electrochemically activated anolyte and catholyte many times surpassing their counterparts in all parameters. This is achieved by the use of flow-through electrochemical modular reactors MB, Bakhir Modules (previously – FEM elements) in patented technological schemes. STEL devices have the following operation advantages:

  • The degree of technical excellence of STEL devices of the third generation permits to obtain a unique anolyte ANK SUPER with oxidant concentration 500 mg/l, mineralization not over 0.5 g/l, total absence of ballast substances due to 99.9 % salt conversion rate.
  • STEL devices satisfy any demand for anolyte ANK, as their anolyte ANK generation capacity is 10 to 1000 l/h. While operating in automatic mode, devices can continuously generate and store anolyte ANK in storage containers.
  • STEL devices are easy to operate and maintain, and do not require any special prolonged training of medical personnel.
  • Working conditions of maintenance personnel radically change with the use of STEL devices due to the absence of hypersensitivity reactions because of non-toxicity of anolyte ANK as compared to all other disinfectants.
  • STEL devices are space-efficient, and can be installed at any site equipped with water and power supply.
  • STEL devices can be installed at any vehicle to obtain the necessary amount of anolyte ANK at the place of use, which is very important during emergency situations, unfavorable epidemiologic conditions, when vast presence of infection must be eliminated in presence of humans, etc.

Advantages of anolyte ANK produced by STEL devices as opposed to other disinfectants have been proven by numerous studies, scientific reports and long-term experience.

Anolyte ANK is an ideal combination of all properties each disinfectant must possesses:

  • Anolyte ANK possesses high antimicrobial activity against all pathogens, including spores.
  • Anolyte ANK possesses disinfecting and sterilizing properties.
  • Anolyte ANK possesses washing capacity permitting to combine stages of pre-sterilization treatment and sterilization.
  • Exclusively anolyte ANK with the same concentration of active compounds can be used simultaneously as disinfectant, sterilizing agent and medicine for local and external application.
  • Anolyte ANK is a versatile solution which can be used both for disinfection, pre-sterilization treatment, sterilization of medical devices and materials, and for common room cleaning, disinfection of hospital equipment, clothes, surgeons’ hands, etc.
  • Anolyte ANK does not develop microorganism resistance during any prolonged or continuous time period due to metastability of active compounds.
  • Anolyte ANK is efficient against biofilms, even when used in low concentration; prevents from biofilm formation if used continuously, for example, for water purification.
  • Anolyte ANK possesses minimum toxicity (class IV) for inhalation and enteric application; no percutaneous effect or irritation. Permitted for use in maternity wards and daycare centers.
  • Anolyte ANK can be used by rubbing, irrigation, soaking, and spraying.
  • Low concentration of active compounds together with anolyte ANK rapid action ensure absence of damaging impact on any material.
  • Anolyte ANK is eco friendly due to absence of traces after treatment; active compounds of the anolyte self-degrade into fresh low-mineralized water.
  • Anolyte ANK can be used for treatment of various objects – surfaces, medical devices and materials, equipment, water, air, food raw material and food products, plants, garbage, spots of infection of any localization and origin.
  • Anolyte ANK can be used for cleaning in presence of patients.
  • Anolyte ANK is ready-to-use solution which can be easily obtained in necessary amounts by means of STEL devices at the places of operation and use.
  • Anolyte ANK low cost as compared to other disinfectants is the evidence of its cost-effectiveness and short payback period.
  • Anolyte ANK can replace over 99% of all disinfectants used in medical and healthcare centers ensuring high level of disinfection.

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