Is supplied ONLY withing R&D by choosing the appropriate device with needed productivity by Institutes’ staff.

Unique device STEL-UNIVERSAL is developed by V. Bakhir and supplied by Vitold Bakhir Institute as a pilot batch of various productivity within R&D.

STEL-AK devices are used for production of electrochemically activated anolyte and catholyte from fresh drinking water («live» and «dead» water, application of which is described in many sources including book of authors Bakhir V.M. and Prilutsky V.I. – Electrochemically activated water: anomalous properties, mechanism of biological effect : - M., 1997).

Feature of original devices with MB reactors as compared with other devices at the market is in possibly largest level of deviation of physical and chemical parameters and properties of anolyte and catholyte from equilibrium value under minimal change of its chemistry, that is the basic factor which determines the effectiveness of electrochemically activated solutions application in biology and medicine.

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