Vitold Bakhir Institute took part in ZDRAVOOKHRANENIYE-2016 exhibition.

Vitold Bakhir Institute took part in the exhibition “Zdravookhraneniye-2016” from 5th to 9th of December in the exhibition center Expocentre, Moscow. The great interest of visitors was caused by new developments of the Institute, including models of STEL devices - STEL-ANK-SUPER for producing anolyte with any needed concentration when working in a closed loop from the tank, compact STEL-ANK-SUPER devices for anolyte producing in a compact suitcase for emergency situations, military and field conditions, STEL-UNIVERSAL type devices for production of any types of solutions – anolytes and catholytes from natural fresh water. There were introduced a unique device for water disinfection, removal of iron and manganese for cottages with a capacity from 50 to 500 l/h, and EMERALD device for antioxidant water getting at home.

We thank all visitors of our booth for their interest in our technology.


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