Documents for registration

Before documents feed for registration a declarant should acquaint himself with the list of the required information filling in correctly for registration, and with possible reasons of registration refusal.

Informational letter of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Vitold Bakhir Electrochemical Systems and Technologies Institute

The Institute's Scientific and Technical Council informs applicants of recommendations which allow to lighten the process of registration.

In accordance with the “Agreement of processing of the registration application” (hereafter the “Agreement”) the Institute's Scientific and Technical Council is not required to inform an applicant of reasons of registration refusal. For the avoidance of possible misunderstanding the Council gives the list of subjects which incomplete or incorrect presenting leads to registration refusal.

In accordance with the Agreement a juridical person should submit the registrar for consideration the following documents:

  1. Application for registration in the Register;
  2. List of data required to enter the Register;
  3. Informational inquiry in a free form with the following data:
    • Full name and abbreviation in Russian;
    • Full name in the language of a registrant country, where it is registered, and country indication;
    • Full name in English (at will of registrant), if the name in the language of a registrant country is not the name in English;
    • Address, contact telephones, fax, e-mail address;
    • Year of foundation;
    • Information of company leaders and leading experts;
    • Experience in the sphere of electrochemical technologies;
    • Manufactured and/or used electrochemical technique and technologies, its principal;
    • Name and volume of products manufactured;
    • Name and volume of service provided;
    • Scientific and research base;
    • Intellectual property used at products manufacturing or/and service (patents, licenses) and registered trade marks;
    • Data of share of the market in Russia and abroad;
    • Information about the partners;
    • Proposed plane of further work in the sphere of electrochemical technologies;
    • Cooperation proposals;
    • Proposals of scientific and research work.

The given data must clarifies that goals and objectives in the field of ECA technology can be realized by volume and means which the juridical person has at the moment of registration. Under “volume and means” tangible assets and intellectual asset are understood.

Therefore the reasons for refusal of registration can be as follows:

  1. Tangible and/or intellectual assets which has the registrant for the moment of registration are not enough for realization of planned goals and objectives in the field of application of ECA technology, or data of tangible and/or intellectual resources of the company are replaced by data of natural persons.
  2. Proposals of possible cooperation under usage of ECA technology and devices are missed or incorrectly submitted.
  3. Leaders and leading specialists have not studied in the Institute and the presented information for registration does not clarify their qualification in the field of ECA technology application.
  4. The name of juridical person mislead consumers and make an inappropriate conception concerning tangible and intellectual assets used by registrant.  
  5. The name of juridical person make incorrect impression for consumers that registrant has some exclusive rights for use of ECA technology valid at concrete territories.  
  6. Wrong information is submitted for registration.
  7. Unethical conduct of registrant.
  8. Illegal enterprise of registrant.


Registration in the Vitold Bakhir Institute gives right to registrant to receive information and support in the field indicated in the registration certificate, but any consultations beyond the bounds of the field are made on the basis of an agreement of R&D.

Documents for registration in the Register of the Vitold Bakhir Institute.

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