Vitold Bakhir Electrochemical Systems and Technologies Institute is the only former and leader at the market of electrochemical systems and technologies concerning electrochemical activation. We responsibly approach to selection of companies directed to long term cooperation for qualified and conscientious presentation of ECA technology to final consumers in all countries.

Companies registered in the Institute are given the following advantages:

  • Access to knowledge and experience of application of electrochemically activated solutions.
  • Possibility to be first and the only who advances progressive developments to the market and has competitive advantages over the other companies.  
  • Informational and scientific and technical support for following qualified presentation of technology of electrochemical activation to final consumers.
  • Free education of theory and practice of production and application of electrochemically activated solutions.
  • Discounts at making of contracts between the Institute and private or public companies on development of experimental and pre-production models of new laboratory, pilot and industrial electrochemical systems (devices, apparatuses, test benches) and its maintenance at site by author.
  • An opportunity to take part in scientific and practical conferences holding for companies and individuals put in the Register of the Institute.

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