In 1981 in magazine «Inventor and Rationalizer» there was published an article about questions of effective use of electrochemical activation technology. At that time in countries of the Soviet Union it has been known first of 'live' and 'dead' water, i.e. electrochemically activated catholyte and anolyte. At present scientists all over the world develop methods of electrochemically activated solutions application seeing in it the key to development of ecologically clean, effective and safe manufactures.

Electrochemical activation is a scientific and technical direction of applied electrochemistry and consists in electrochemical synthesis of metastable substances and its following application in various technological processes instead of traditional chemical agents.

The history of foundation and development of electrochemical activation is completely concerned with the scientific effort of Vitold Bakhir. In 1972-1973 he discovered nonequivalence of chemical and electrochemical unipolar effect on liquids. At the same time he developed first devices for electrochemical treatment of water and drilling fluids used at oil-well and gasser boring.

In 1979-1985 in Central Asian Scientific Research Institute of natural gas of USSR Ministry of natural gas industry Vitold Bakhir and research workers of his laboratory together with scientists and specialists of various plants carried out experimental researches proved high efficacy of application of electrochemically activated water and solutions in many technological processes in petrochemical, food, military and others industries.

In 1985 Vitold Bakhir defended a Ph.D. thesis, which results allowed high-level certifying commission to accept electrochemical activation as a new scientific and technical direction.

From 1986 to 1989 Vitold Bakhir with colleagues developed flow-through electrochemical module reactors (FEM elements) for electrochemical activation of water and dilute water solutions. Serial production of FEM elements and electrochemical devices used for different purposes was organized.

In 1989-1996 a group of scientists under direction of Vitold Bakhir developed technology of water treatment and conditioning used in EMERALD devices. In next six years they developed AQUACHLOR devices for water treatment and disinfection under use of principally new technology – ion-selective electrolysis with diaphragm. As a whole from 1995 to 2010 it was produced by domestic companies according to Bakhir developments more than 300000 EMERALD devices to provide people with pure water in home and field conditions. In many Russian cities AQUACHLOR devices successfully work at water treatment stations and effectively disinfect drinking water without formation of by-products of chlorination.

In 2005 Vitold M. Bakhir was rewarded with a medal of the “Services to the Country” order of the 2nd grade for the development and wide practical application of the STEL device for generation of ecologically pure disinfecting detergent and sterilizing solution in the public health service. Today there are more than 30000 of such devices working in many hospitals of Russia.

In 2005 Vitold Bakhir Electrochemical Systems and Technologies Institute was founded for coordination and development of works in the field of electrochemical activation technology. The Institute provides with the authors control, qualified scientific and technical direction and work coordination in the field of electrochemical activation for development and wide practical use of Vitold Bakhir electrochemical systems and technologies integrated in various technological processes in industry, agriculture, medicine and another fields of human activities. The Institute joins efforts of qualified specialists and experts in the field of production and practical use of metastable synthesized at places from water and water solutions in special technical electrochemical systems based on module, compact, flow-through diaphragm electrochemical reactors – MB elements (Bakhir modules).

Many unique system and technologies, developed for special projects and orders by directing scientific agency – Vitold Bakhir Institute have being used and prepared for a wide practical application in various fields.

Documents from history

Minutes № 7 of the Meeting of Specialized Council К 063.37.01 at the Kirov Kazan Institute of Chemical Technology awarded the Order of Red Banner of June 25, 1985 . Agenda: Defense by V.M. Bakhir of the candidate's thesis on the subject 'Regulation of physical and chemical properties of technological aqueous solutions by unipolar electrochemical exposure, and experience of its practical application'

The daily newspaper 'PRAVDA', № 189 [24446], July 8, 1985 : “Water Magic: Fate of a Research ' by N.Gladkov, N.Morozov, V.Reut.

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