ECA systems

Main technological principals of electrochemical activation

  • Water and low-mineralized water solutions come into metastable state under electrochemical unipolar treatment and then are used in various technological processes;
  • Chemically active reagents needed for technological processes are produced at places of its usage, that excludes transportation and storage.

Main technical principals of electrochemical activation

  • reactors (modules) for electrochemical treatment of water and water solutions have small dimensions prodiving all functions of efficient energy and substances transformation similar to processes in organisms’ living cell;
  • industrial highly productive technical electrochemical systems are made of single module reactors like forming of living organism from single living cells.

Electrochemical devices developed on patents of Vitold Bakhir and his colleagues

IZUMRUD devices
Production of health-giving drinking water with antioxidant properties cleaned of all pathogenic microorganisms, microbial toxins, heavy metal ions and harmful organic compuonds.
STEL devices
synthesis of ecologically clean electrochemically activated solutions – disinfectant and sterilizing solutions – anolytes including Anolyte ANK, amd and detergent and extracting solutions – catholytes.
Aquachlor devices
production of oxidants mixture solution at places for water treatment and disinfection at drinking water treatment stations, wastewater treatment stations, in swimming pools, etc.
ECOCHLOR devices
industrial production of chlorine and hydrate of sodium at places of its application. Total replacement of chlorine works by ecologically clear and totally safe works.
OXITRON devices
electrochemical oxidation and reduction of organic and inorganic matters in various technological processes.
Endosteril devices
washing, disinfection and sterilization (high-level disinfection) of endoscopes and instruments.
Another devices
production of functionally useful ECA solutions , anolytes and catholytes, with different active substances depending on the initial solution, used in technological processes in many fields from medicine, agriculture and to heavy and light industries.
MB elements
Bakhir modules – last generation of modern flow-through electrochemical module elements (FEM elements heretofore) - main and essential part of all electrochemical devices.

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